Web Page Judging
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Web Scoring

This page is incomplete -- it is just here for discussion -- please provide your input

Final web page should be submitted by Mark to Mike after Committee discussion


  • Follow this link for an Web Page Development Entry form

  • Do we need categories or should we just group them into categories if appropriate and then award honourable mentions in each group and one overall winner? The Web contest will allow the contestant to submit a Web Page of a maximum of 1 MB for judging.
  • Winners Circle has expressed interest in sponsoring a prize for this -- it was them that suggested categories. They were particularly interested in a business applications category. Mike
  • The Web Pages can only use client side programming such as java or html.
    • Frontpage extensions, asp, cgi and other server side programming will not be
  • The main website for the Contest is: www.rinlex.com/~webcomp -- NOT YET OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!
  • Each contestant will have a website such as: www.rinlex.com/~webcompXXX where XXX represents your ftp ID -- NOT YET OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!
  • Send requests to enter should be included with registration.  What does this mean? -- Mike
  • Those who enter will be given a ftp site on which they can place their
  • The contest will end on 30th April 2000. That this time the ftp sites will be closed allowing only read access.
  • See the side link for a rough outline of the marking scheme

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