Rules and Judging
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Creative Programming
Elementary and Junior Problem Solving
Senior High Problem Solving
Hints for Problem Solving
Details on Judging
Art Judging
Web Page Judging
The competition is only open to non-professional programmers.
Teams may consist of one or two participants, although we attempt to arrange the programs so that teams with only one participant will be at a disadvantage. The essay and poem competition is only open to individuals
All work must have been done by the participants.
Any brand of computer is acceptable for participants who are able to bring their own equipment.
For competitors who can not bring their own equipment, the following computers are available at University of Calgary: Pentium  IBM compatibles with colour monitor, no sound and 500 M-byte hard drives running under the NT operating system. Please let us know on the registration form if you require Faculty of Engineering equipment and we will attempt to accommodate you. You will be responsible for loading your custom software on to these machines during the set-up times listed in the Schedule of Activities.
The competition is directed towards Grade 4-12 students in the Calgary and Southern Alberta region. Competitors from Central and North Alberta, or even further away, are welcome if space is available.
The Calgary Programming Society reserves the right to limit the maximum number of teams or parent may bring.

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