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Anniversary Year

Calgary Region Schools'
Computer Competitions

Open to all students
Grades 4 - 12

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T-shirt Logo design
Computer Based Art
Essays, Poems and Limericks
Web-based Programming

Creative Programming Competition

NEW Creative Programming Competition-- Remote2.5
NEW CREATIVE PROGRAMMING COMPETITION for Alberta Teams more than 2.5 hours drive from Calgary

Problem Solving Competition

Deadlines for Entries and Submissions
Make sure you don't miss the entry form deadlines in March and April 2000

Visit our web site for more information

We need you to design the logo to put on
the T-Shirts for next year's competition

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Faculty of Engineering, University of Calgary,
1999 Competition Site
SAIT, Calgary
1996, 1997, 1998 Competition Site
Rinlex Corporation
Web Competition Site
Chapters, Calgary
HMV, Calgary
Waltham Stow Consulting, Calgary

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