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WHO: Grade 4 to 12 students in the Calgary and Southern Alberta area are invited to compete in the 20th Calgary Region Computer Competitions. Students outside this area are welcome to participate if room is available. We have a special REMOTE2.5 competition where teams more than 2.5 hours drive from Calgary can submit Creative Program Entries via Video Tape.

The Calgary Programming Society Members are from the Public and Separate Schools Boards, Local Firms, SAIT and the University of Calgary. The name, and years of experience,  for 1998/1999  Executive are listed below.


The Creative Programming Competition
The Problem Solving Competition
Computer Based Art Competition
Web Page Development Competition
T-shirt and coffee mug Logo Competition
Essay, Poem and Limerick competition

WHEN: Art, Web, Poem, Limerick and Essay Entries are judged after the due dates

Creative Programming Competition is judged Late May, 2000 (Friday Evening)

Problem Solving Competition is judged the Saturday after the Creative Programming Competition

WHERE: Thomas Riley Computing Centre OR
Faculty of Engineering, University of Calgary (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering A-wing)


To provide an opportunity for youth to participate in computer related activities.
To provide the opportunity for youth to interact, exchange ideas and compete.
To simulate innovative and creative thinking through computer programming.
To develop the ability to organize ideas, think logically and develop higher-level cognitive thinking.
To positive attitudes towards the expanding capacity of computer science and computer engineering.
To enhance self-confidence and feeling of success in participants.
To promote a sharing of knowledge between educators, the business and scientific community, and the public

WWW: Visit our World Wide Web page for more information -- http://www.cps.enel.ucalgary.ca
Calgary Region Computer Programming Society Executive, 1998 -- 1999
President:- Darin Rousseau (4th year) Treasurer:- Gerritt  Cunningham (19th year) Activities Co-ordinator:- C. MacArthur and Theresa Trapnell   (5th year)
Sponsor Co-ordinator:-  Sheila Pfeiffer  (3rd year) Secretary:- Pat White  (5th year) Web Competition and Art Competition:- Mark Lane  (3rd year)
Founder/Trophies/Problem Writing:- M. Smith (19th year) Problem Writing:- Darin Rousseau  (4th year) Problem Writing/Judge Co-ordinators:- Alex Gierus (8th year) and Ming Pong  (3rd  year)
Faculty of Engineering, University of Calgary:- 
Steven Leikem (8th  year) and Scott Barker
Registrations:- Pat White (5th year)  
Public School Board Co-ordinator:- Ken West (19th year) Hewlett Packard Co-ordinator:- Carrie Rands   (5th year)
Merak Co-ordinator:- Alison Ector  (5th year)
Microsoft Co-ordinator:- Heather McDonald
Catholic School Board Co-ordinator:- Theresa Trapnell  (5th year)
Calgary Region Computer Programming Society Executive, 1997 -- 1998
President:- Mike Smith Treasurer:- G. Cunningham Volunteers/Activities Co-ordinator:- Pat White/T. Trapnell
Sponsors:- Devin Spackman/Alex Giergus/Mike Smith Secretary:- P. White 1998 Logo:- Mark Lane/Darin Rousseau
Founder/Trophies/Problem Writing/Booklet Development:- Mike Smith Problem Writing/Finals Judge:- Darin Rousseau Problem Writing/Judge Co-ordinator:- Alex Gierus/Darin Rousseau
SAIT Co-ordinators:- Sheila Pfeiffer/Craig Maynard Registrations:- Ken West SAIT Robotics Liaison:- Craig Maynard