Web Page Development Art Competition
Calgary Schools' Computer Programming Competition
Deadline -- 30th April 1999

Participants are invited to submit a complete and original web page. The web page should show creativity with technical prowess. Designs will be judged from a technical and artistic point of view, and will include categories such as creativeness, working code and uniqueness. Watch out for more information on this page.

All web pages must be uploaded by 5th May midnight!

Follow this link for the first draft of the rules for the Web Page Development Competition
Watch out for details of how to submit your web page
Watch out for the categories of web pages
The Calgary Programming Society is not responsible for lost or misplaced entries


Competition is open to the following students -- (Non-professional student programmers only)

Elementary Division -- grades 5 and 6. (Students from grades 3 and 4 who are interested in competing should contact the registration co-ordinator.)
Junior High Division -- grades 7, 8, 9.
Senior High Division -- grades 10, 11, 12

Entry Form:- Return no later than 30th April 1999

Make a copy of this form and send in, with fees by mail to

Pat White,
13016, Lake Twin Tree Rd., SE,
Calgary T2J 2X3
Phone:- (403) 271-6749  -- Email:- whitep@telusvelocity.net

School Name

School phone number
Contact Person (Teacher of Guardian)

Email address if available

School Category:-
Elementary Division Junior High Division Senior High Division
If team members are from 2 school categories, the team must register in the higher category,
(e.g. Junior/Elementary team must register in Junior category)
Student #1 name

Student # 1 address

Email address if available

Student #2 name

Student #2 address

Email address if available

As a participant of the competition,
I/we confirm that all work submitted is our
own original work,  except where clearly acknowledged
in the documentation and presentation.
I/we are not professional programmers.
Participant #1 signature _________________________
Participant #2 signature _________________________
As the parent / guardian of a team member named above.
I give permission for him/her to participate in this competition. I realize that the computer based art and the competitor's name and school may appear on the web or other media
Parent/Guardian signature -- Participant

Parent/Guardian signature -- Participant


Teacher's signature


Web Page Competition

Deadline 30th April 1999

$10 per entry

Teams entering into the Creative and Problem Solving Competition will get a REFUND of their entry fee into the other competitions Art, Essay and Web Development Competitions   (one refund per competition per team). There is no fee for entering the LOGO competition.

Entry fees assist in covering the cost of trophies, prizes and the web site for entries.

Watch for the web-page competition information
Mark the envelope -- Web Page Development Competition
The Calgary Programming Society is not responsible for lost or misplaced entries
TOTAL __________________

Booklet developed by M. Smith, University of Calgary, using Microsoft Front Page donated to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary by Microsoft.