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Questions for the 2000 competition

That got you looking!!!!!



Each year we have trouble finding questions for the competition. They are -- too easy, too hard, too difficult, too boring, too long, too short, the colour of the paper is wrong. Help us out by sending in suitable questions and solutions (and the way they should be marked) to

Dr. M. Smith,
Calgary Programming Competition,
c/o Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Calgary,
2500, University Drive, NW,
Calgary, T2N 1N4

What is the computer topic for the essays, poems and limericks?
Web pages -- What topics should there be for the web pages?
Problem Solving Competition. Indicate what level of competition they are for (Elementary LOGO, Elementary BASIC, Junior or Senior High) and whether they are Part A (easy and medium difficulty) or Part B (high difficulty) questions. Provide us with a marking scheme somewhat like what we have used in the past see our web for more information. You never know, you might see a variation on your program.

All schools that contribute will receive copies of the other questions sent in. Please send the question using a plain text file (or even better WEB ready) on a diskette, so that I can pass them on. If you want copies of the questions back, enclose another diskette with your name and school on the label.

All questions and diskettes submitted become the property of the Calgary Programming Society. No questions will be returned. Submit as many questions as you like. Follow a similar marking format as in previous years.

Problems, solutions and marking schemes from previous years can be found on our web site

2000 -- Let the questions come in
1999 Competition was postponed till 2000. We'll keep the questions sent in for possible use in 2000
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